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Print Photographs, Clip art, Scanned images, or Text onto fabric using your regular Ink-Jet Printer -  then use the printed pieces of fabric for:  Memory Quilts, Wall-hangings, Framed pictures, Placemats, Cushion Covers, Pyjama bags, Book or Album covers, Pencil cases, Aprons and even Personalised Labels for quilts, garments and hand-made gifts.

Give your creativity wings to fly     ………………… Sew and Craft.


Order your Starter Kit which includes:

100% Cotton Fabric & Print on Fabric Medium – sufficient to print 14  x  A4 pages of photographs, pictures or text. 

PLUS booklet with complete instructions, hints & tips.

There after you can purchase additional Fabric & Print on Fabric Medium kits separately.

NOTE FOR SHIPPING CHARGES: select the 2kg category.