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If you ALREADY have a PREVIOUS VERSION of CREATIVE DRAWINGS, you can easily UPGRADE to the latest version.

You will also get a downloadable set of Step-by-Step training videos made by Sew and Craft that will guide you every step of the way.

The program is now delivered digitally - so once payment is made and cleared, a code is issued and an email will be sent to you so that you can download and start working as soon as possible.

                NEW FEATURES ADDED TO Creative DRAWings  XI are as follows

•  Convert any photo to a beautiful Paint Stitch masterpiece

•  Convert your designs to Red-Work

•  Convert fill to centre line – perfect for small text objects.

•  Find and organize your designs easily with the new File Browser

•  Dark theme to match your MAC OS

•  Sequence manager has been re-designed with many new features

•  Multiple units have been added to the Measure tool

•  Fit design and hoop into the viewing port of the software

•  More Stitch Style positioning abilities

•  Centre designs to the hoop automatically

NO SHIPPING CHARGES:   Shipping is free as this is a digital download
NOTE: Should you still have a USB key for your program you will need to return the USB KEY and it will be replaced with a safer option of the ACTIVATION CODE.   Never stress over losing the usb key ever again!
The USB KEY will need to be returned to sew and craft.      Send an email to and I will arrange this for you.