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You may be new to sewing, or perhaps you are looking for a sewing machine that's really easy to use. If so………..the Brother A16 is the perfect choice.

The ‘jog dial’ makes it very user friendly.

Simply turn the dial to the stitch you require and you are ready to go.

What could be easier?

On the LCD display you can see information about the stitch width and length at a glance.

The machine does all the thinking – and even suggests the correct sewing foot to use! (Stich settings are however adjustable to suit your needs)

Needle threading is quick and easy with the built-in needle threader.

The machine also features a quick set jam-proof bobbin set up, so no more bobbin bungles….

Simplicity does not mean a compromise on features – there are 16 utility

stitches to choose from, including 3 different (1 step) buttonholes, to give that professional looking finish.

It also features:

* Lock Stitch for reinforcing * 7 point feed dog system * Safety detection sensor *LED sewing light  * Free arm sewing *  Drop feed setting * Needle stop up/down setting     * Snap on feet   * Electronic slide speed control   * Automatic reverse/reinforcement stitch             * Accessory compartment * Soft cover


Enhance the quality of your life  -  Imagination is all it takes if you own this machine!


This machine can be delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa (Free Delivery) and full training will be provided on a Step-by-Step training Video made exclusively by Sew and Craft.

There are Brother accredited technicians that take care of all service needs around the country too.


Brother - Top selling brand in the World.

More than 100 years of Sewing Excellence