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Create your own style, Create your own fashion.


The Brother F420 is the perfect choice for those of us who want to get really creative.

It is feature packed with 180 built in stitches, including 10 (1 step) buttonholes,that can be selected quickly and easily at the touch of the key pad.

The machine does all the thinking for you, so it will set up the stitch length, width and even suggest the correct presser foot to use.

All settings are adjustable though to suit your needs. 

Other features are as follows:

*It has an advanced auto needle threader

* Built in thread trimmer (no scissors required!)

 * Quick set, drop-in, jam proof bobbin -  so no more bobbin bungles…

* 5  built in lettering styles can be used to create labels - you can even combine stitches to create your own stitch patterns!

* Lock stitch function 

*  7 point feed teeth system           

* Square Feed Drive system (SFDS) for smoother feeding & superior stitch quality on any weight of fabric, from sheer silk to corduroy & denim.

* Presser foot Pressure adjustment helps you stitch pucker-free seams even on the stretchiest of knit fabrics.

* Stop with needle up/down

* Electronic slide speed control 

* Repeated or single sewing function 

*  Automatic reverse/lockstitch reinforcement stitch  

* Mirror imaging 

*  My custom stitch - to design your own unique stitch patterns

* Drop feed dog 

*  Knee lifter

* Free arm sewing  

*  Accessory Tray

For Quilters, there is also an optional wide flat-bed extension table to make light work of large items like bed linen & Quilts.

As well as optional Free Motion Quilting &  Walking Foot.

Be sure of the best stitch every time!


Enhance the quality of your life  -  Imagination is all it takes if you own this machine!


This machine can be delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa (Free Delivery) and full training will be provided on a Step-by-Step training Video made exclusively by Sew and Craft.  It's like having the teacher available 24/7/365 in the comfort of your own surroundings - and you can learn at our own pace too!

There are Brother accredited technicians that take care of all service needs around the country too.


Brother - Top selling brand in the World!

More than 100 years of Sewing Excellence