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The Brother V7 is a Combination Sewing, Quilting AND Embroidery machine all in one.

The Extra Long Arm (285mm) gives more space than ever for extra- large Quilting, Fashion & Home Décor projects.

The Large, Bright, Clear LCD Full colour Touch Screen is very user friendly and allows for easy previewing of designs.

The high 1050 stitches per minute speed will complete, sewing and embroidery projects quickly and smoothly.

The Exclusive Direct Dual Drive Foot feeds an array of different thicknesses of fabric with absolute ease.

The ICAPS fabric sensor system continuously detects the fabric thickness while sewing, and automatically adjusts pressure to ensure even stitch quality over different fabric thicknesses.

The Automatic Pivot Function lifts the presser foot automatically as the needle remains down, allowing you to turn fabric quickly and accurately.

The Lock Stitch Button allows threads to be tied of neatly at the beginning and end of stitching…very neat, especially for quilting.

The Laser Guide Line Marker projects a perfectly straight line onto the fabric for you to sew straight.

The Ultrasonic Pen allows for perfect placement for embroidery and exact finishing points for sewing.

The Automatic needle-threader, built in scissors, jam-proof bobbin, and Ultra bright LED lighting make sewing and embroidery an absolute pleasure.

There are 531 built in Sewing stitches, a built in sewing Advisor and automatic Stitch selector too.

The built in fonts can be used to create labels – and…you can even combine stitches to create your own stitch patterns, which can also be saved for future use.

The MY CUSTOM STITCH feature which allows you to design your own decorative stitches and save them for future use.

It has a SIDE FEED for multidirectional sewing in 4 different directions, and sews extra- large decorative stitches up to 40mm wide.

There is a range of Crazy Quilting stitches, Vintage Patterns and Heirloom patterns built in….an “I Love you” design in 15 languages.


Create Authentic and Bespoke embroidery designs with the Embroidery side of this machine.

It has many of the fabulous features of the Brother Multi-needle Professional embroidery machines (PR670EC & PR1050X)

These features include:

  • Large embroidery area:  300 x 180 mm. Continuous border frame & Quilting frames available as optional extras.
  • Full colour touch screen.  Add more than one design to the screen at a time & edit on screen before saving to embroider.  Drag and drop designs, rotate, mirror and more....
  • 17 Built in fonts and 227 built in embroidery designs.
  • Import more designs onto the machine via a USB flash stick, or USB cable connected to your computer.
  • Laser pointer foot (optional accessory) for accurate embroidery placement.
  • 1050 stitches per minute embroidery speed.
  • Automatic needle threading.
  • Automatic jump stitch trimming of both top & bottom threads.  No more time consuming jump stitches to trim, once the embroidery is complete!
  • Built in on-screen video tutorials - to make learning super easy!
  • Independent bobbin winder.  Wind bobbins while you are embroidering.

              and much more......


Enhance the quality of your life  -  Imagination is all it takes if you own this machine!


This machine can be delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa (Free Delivery) and full training will be provided in a Step-by-Step training Video made exclusively by Sew and Craft.

Plus… you will also get

  • A free Editing Program, with video instructions on how to use it, so that you can download embroidery designs from the internet or discs, and transfer them to your machine. It also allows you to combine different designs and edit them. (re-size, rotate, change colours etc.)
  • A free Embroidery Hints and Tips video.
  • A free start up package of the different stabilisers discussed in the Hints & Tips Video


There are Brother accredited technicians that take care of all service needs around the country too.

Brother - Top selling brand in the World!

More than 100 years of Sewing Excellence