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The UNIVERSAL Pen Holder works on all models of ScanNCut machines.

Use this pen holder with most regular store-bought pens, permanent markers and similar writing or drawing instruments.

It has an adjustable opening that can accommodate a variety of pens.  NO CARTRIDGES required to draw, write and colour in once you have this tool!

For Sewers, Quilters and Patchworkers it is ideal - pop a water or air soluble pen into the machine to mark seam allowances directly onto the fabric before cutting it out on the ScanNCut.  Pick the cut pieces up, place right sides together and stitch along the drawn in lines - what could be easier!

A  step-by-step training video made by Sherine from Sew and Craft is supplied with the Universal Pen holder to get you experimenting in no time!

NOTE FOR SHIPPING CHARGES: select the 2kg category.  Either MAIN centre or REGIONAL area option, which ever applies to you.      If you are in an OUTLYING area, pop me an email with your address and I will send a quote - OR just select the QUOTE OPTION at the checkout and I will send you a quote.

Orders for ScanNCut Accessories that total over 3 000.00 will be SHIPPED FREE for MAIN centre and REGIONAL areas in South Africa.  OUTLYING areas will be sent a quote.