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This Temporary Spray Adhesive  is ideal for :

  • Machine Embroidery.   Spray it onto fabric to attach to embroidery stabilisers.
  • ScanNCut projects - for when you need that extra little bit of "stickiness" on any cutting material.
  • Quilting - temporaraily glue your fabric and battong "sandwich together.
  • Upholstery - position fabric temporarily as you work.

The high concentration of Adhesive, but low pressure eliminates over-spraying and gives an even coating.

The Adhesive will disappear within 2 to 5 days, leaving no stains or sticky residue.

A must have product for any sewing or craft room!

NOTE FOR SHIPPING CHARGES: select the 2kg category.  Either MAIN centre or REGIONAL area option, which ever applies to you.      If you are in an OUTLYING area, please drop me an email with your delivery address to, and I will send you a quote