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Sew and Craft

Step by Step

Sew and Craft

Step by Step

Cut Lettering without “holes” for ALL ScanNCut machines Video Lessons (instant access)

Learn how to cut LETTERING INTO a Project instead of cutting it to put ONTO a project, using CanvasWorkspace OFFLINE for ALL models of ScanNCut machines,  by following along with these step-by-step video lessons.

Access the step-by-step video lessons for how to cut LETTERING INTO a Project instead of cutting it to put ONTO a project. (for ALL ScanNCut machines) by clicking on the button below

Lots of Hints, tips and techniques are included along with free pattern templates.

PLEASE NOTE: These are the same lessons that are posted in the ScanNCut MONTHLY CLUB MEMBERS area, but they are only  made available AFTER being made available to  CLUB MEMBERS who get early access, discounted prices, access to special discounts, and other perks.    If you would like to JOIN the  MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP  to get the discounts and other perks, visit this completely safe link:   



OR – if you just prefer NOT TO JOIN the club and to BUY LESSONS ONE AT A TIME, Click on the CLICK HERE button below.

Video lessons will be available INSTANTLY.   

PRICE is in the click here button.

These step-by-step video lessons will walk you through:

  • How to use CanvasWorkspace OFFLINE to create lettering that can be cut INTO a project, instead of cutting to put ONTO a project.
  • Lots of hints,tips and techniques.
  • Free patterns to create projects with.
  • Learn  new techniques to GROW your skill level, to where using your ScanNCut features as well as CanvasWorkspace becomes second nature. That is where FUN lives!

Please note: due to the digital format of this course, no refunds will be done.



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